Daisy Diggins Barrington Rhode Island Gift and Flower Shop East Bay

Our History

Lois Coppolino, owner of daisy dig’ins, started her business in 1977 in the small town of Barrington, Rhode Island. Graduating from Roger Williams College with a degree in art/education, Lois decided to pursue her passion with flowers and attend Rittner’s School of Floral Design. After completing the program, she was encouraged to open her own floral business. Inspired by her favorite flower, the daisy, and the era’s most commonly used expression, “can you dig it,” Lois opened her own floral business and named it daisy dig’ins. It started as a tiny floral design shop, and in 1986 Lois and her husband, Lou, built their own store at 123 Maple Avenue. This location is now a mainstay in the heart of Barrington. 

Our story

Daisy Dig’ins began as a floral design shop, but due to Lois’s keen insight she realized the floral business was changing. Her business grew with the addition of bath and body products, clothing, jewelry, home décor and the list goes on! Because of this, daisy dig’ins is known as a one-stop shopping destination. Customer service is what she strives for and is committed to. Lois’s goal is to provide quality unique products while sending off every customer with a smile. daisy dig’ins offers a delivery service plus complimentary gift wrap. 

The Store Today

Take some time to visit daisy dig’ins- a store filled with beautifully displayed flowers, gift items and home décor. The displays are constantly changing and new products arrive weekly. Visit daisy dig’ins and discover this Barrington gem for yourself!


glimpses from our shop