Spiritiles by Houston Llew, 'Blockparty'

Spiritiles by Houston Llew, 'Blockparty'


Spiritiles by Houston Llew are unique works of Glass on Copper that will be the perfect addition to your gallery wall or gift for loved one.  Made in artist's studio in Atlanta, GA, each tile is made by hand using a kiln-firing method with glass on copper. Every Spiritile has its own story wrapped around the sides to match the iconic and inspiring moments drawn from life. 

Each tile has it's own theme, quote on either side, author listed on top panel. Perfect addition for a special addition to your gallery wall display, gifts for special occasions to mark a special time or memory.


No. 157 'Blockparty'

"Welcome friends and let us gather all in search of song, love, and chatter." - H. Cooprider
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